Dentists That Accept Medicaid
dental clinics that accept medicaid
   Dentists that Accept Medicaid | Medicare Providers

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Dental procedures can be quite expensive, especially when someone doesn’t have insurance.

Of course even if you do have insurance it is still difficult to find a dentist who takes whatever specific one your plan is under. Then in the end it may or may not cover the entire cost.

Medicaid prescribers have it worse off in this department and as it is mainly the older generations and young children who subscribe to this insurer, it is a major detriment to their health and well being. When looking for dentists that accept Medicaid you will come to find out that most every single one of them does…not.

Why is this so? Dentists are unwilling to take on a patient with Medicaid because of the initial wait time in regards to payment and the fact that Medicaid will only pay about 65% of the total cost. In the world today apparently only money can buy a smile. On top of that those who do accept it do their best not to give that away and even limit the amount of patients under their care with Medicaid. It is understandable to a point: dentists of any specialty or sub discipline are self employed. They are responsible for the building, the tools, the clientele, and the staff needed to run a medical office competently. This means that they are also solely responsible for not only their paychecks but those of their staff as well as the many bills that come with owning a business. To them, in order to succeed at their career and be able to live a stable life they need to make a certain amount of money. Because of this in all practicality a dentist is going to want to take on patients who can pay, on time and in full.

Unfortunately for both parties practicality comes back to bite them. Society doesn’t look well on those who do not extend their hands to those in need and unfortunately those on Medicaid are in need. This state funded insurance goes to those families and seniors who fall under the line of ‘stable income’ households. In most cases those insured by Medicaid are jobless, underage, or unable to care for themselves. In most cases these insured citizens are also enrolled in other government help based programs such as welfare. They have no means to afford proper dental care let alone general health care and in the long run their well being is greatly affected by it.
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